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House Fire

A little over a week ago we had a fire in our bathroom. Fortunately, it was contained to just the bathroom and the firefighters arrived to our home quickly and were able to get it out. My husband was quick thinking and amazing and I really could (and have) gone on about how amazing he was in an emergency.

Our family of 5 slept seperately for the next week. Nic, Fin and I slept at my dads house, and Jim and Mat slept at my grandma's house. So on top of the stress from the fire and how to get it all cleaned up and repaired, I had to share a bedroom with a 2 and a half year old, and I highly do not recommend it. He was loud and snored and cried and needed juice and wet the bed and just woke me up to stare at me, and the only way he could fall asleep was if we played "Baby Shark" a minimum of 7 times. Sharing a bedroom with Griffin may have been more traumetizing than the fire itsself.

On top of all of this, Jimmy tested positive for influenza a and bronchitis. The next day Matrim started feeling miserable too, and it's just been a rough week. There have been a pleothera of positives, though. Mostly, it's just the amazing people that came to our aid. I have a rough time accepting help, but it was so wonderful to receive it. Like Nic said, "the world is a shitty place, but our little world that we've created and all the people that are in it are absolutely amazing."

I will be writing thank you cards until I lose feeling in my hand.

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