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Project 365 Week 4

4 weeks already? Alright. I updated my entire website so if you haven't checked it out you should. I had my first session of the year, with my adorable baby cousing Oliver. He's turning one! Ahh! Also I had to redo my whole blog so I just copied and pasted all of my old blog posts on to this one. That was.... fun. Anywho, another week down. My kids are super cute. I added an extra picture because Mat is just especially cute.


We have lunch at my grandmas house every Sunday, and Jim and Mat usually stay there for a while and play after Fin and I go home. So here's them building a city with magformers and Jenga bricks


Nic and I went to a company dinner/awards thing for my work. While we were there the boys hung out with their Meemi, who just happens to be Griffin's favorite person in the whole world


This is Nic lighting a cigarette, but he thinks this picture looks more like he's a wizard making a fireball with his hands. So there's that.


This is my baby cousin Oliver, and this is how he says goodbye to us every time we leave daycare


Matrim always tells so many stories, during bathtime he told a story about a boat that turned into a dolphin


Everything sort of fell apart. Nic has the flu, Griffin still can't walk, and Jim and Mat were sick again. Oh and I cried for like two hours at work because of a talk with a supervisor. I set a timer on my camera while I pulled out of the driveway


Matrim is adorable and it was a fairly lazy day.

And that's the end of week 4. Next week, my oldest baby will turn 5 and there will definitely be more tears from me because of it. Also he is having a Disney Robin Hood themed birthday party and I'm 0% prepared so that'll be fun

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