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Project 365 Week 3

This past week has been a mess. Matrim and Jimmy have both been sick, they had two snow days from school, and Griffin hurt his leg somehow and now can’t walk, so we’ve had lots of X-rays done but still no idea what’s causing his pain. This week has been exhausting. I hope next week is better.

1-14-18 Jimmy played in the snow as we had our first real snow of the winter

1-15-18 All the boys stayed home and worked on their video game they are making with their dad about a fox named Apple that gathers nuts and berries.

1-16-18 Mat was sick for most of the week. He slept on the couch and basically just slept most of the week. This is his favorite baby Foxy.

1-17-18 Griffin fell and hurt his leg. We aren't sure what exactly happened but he can't walk on it. We went to the emergency room and there are no signs of anything broken. He also cuddled with his fox Poxy.

1-18-18 All of my babies were miserable. Mat and Jim were both sick and Fin still couldn't walk. They each have a fox that they love, Foxy, Poxy, and Firefox Feo.

1-19-18 Every night Griffin needs to be surrounded by all of his babies. The real problem is when we are missing someone. Moana has been missing for a while and he is pretty upset.


Everyone is better! Griffin is still immobile but that's what carts are for! We went to Home Depot and I bought some stuff for the studio.

And that's the end of week 3. This picture every day thing is harder than I thought, but it's definitely helping me get out of my comfort zone. Carrying my camera around in Home Depot would've usually made me feel awkward but I owned it and I'm glad I took it in with me. Also, you get to see what a homebody I really am.

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