Project 365 Week 2

I debated on if I wanted to keep this once a week or if I wanted to switch to posting about each day, and after the results of the facebook poll, I have decided to keep it at once a week for now. I will be posting a picture a day on my instagram account so if you want to see pictures every day follow me at @olsonphotogs

January 7th: My sister got her heart broken. I put her in front of the camera as a form of catharsis and asked her to push all of her emotions through my lens. She broke my heart.

January 8th: My mother-in-law and I took the boys to the newly opened G&W in town. Jim and Mat loved the little carts and because of them I ended up with two bags of babybel cheese.

January 9th: Evening at home. Jim and Mat played in their room and ignored me. Nic and I played with Griffin

January 10th: Quick grocery trip to Walmart. We all know who the fun parent is in this family

January 11th: Thursdays are the day that Jim and Mat hang out with either my dad or my grandma. I was just taking pictures of Jim and my dad's dog Layla but Griffin was pretty cute too and I love this picture

January 12th: I really like that several days I set out to take a picture of something and then just briefly take pictures of something else. I was taking pictures of the boys in the van, but then took pictures as Nic talked to me.

January 13th: Mat is sick. It finally hit him. Everyone in the house has been sick except him and it caught up with him. Also, our couch looks gross.

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