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I have a lot of things I want to do with my photography. There are so many things I want to talk about, and just ideas I want to bounce off of people. But there's so little time! How is it almost October? Anyway, you'll soon be seeing several posts advertising different types of sessions because fall hit fast, and the holidays are around the corner. Here are some sessions I will be offering between now (right this minute) until the end of the year.

Fall Mini Sessions These sessions will be advertised, and they can be done almost any day of the week from now until Thanksgiving. Think fall sweaters, and color changing leaves, and cuddles on a flannel blanket. These mini sessions will be $150, 30 minutes long, and you get 6 digital images, with the opportunity to purchase more if you really love them (which of course you will). Farm City Days Minis! So I did a session last year at the Farm City Days carnival and it was so much fun. Dacia, Justin and Jacob dressed up for it, but that's totally not required for these. These have limited availability (because Farm City Days is only a few days), because I really love these I'm going to do these for $75 for 30 minutes, one digital, and of course you can purchase a lot more once you see them.

Spooky Minis Want pictures of your kids in halloween costumes? Want to do some cool gothic witch type session? Just want to be creepy and weird? These technically fall into the same category as the fall mini sessions so the pricing is the same. $150, 30 minutes, 6 digitals.

and finally....

Christmas Minis These will be offered October through December 18th. Same deal as the Fall Minis and Spooky Minis. These can be in my studio or in your home, whichever you prefer. $150, 30 minutes, 6 digitals. And that's a lot of mini sessions. Please keep me busy. On another note, I will no longer be offering boudoir events. I'll do a boudoir session if a person books one, but due to lack of interest it just doesn't make sense for me to continue creating events for this. I did have a boudoir session included in a recent raffle, and to the recepient of that, I will gladly honor it, it can also be used against any other type session and prints equally the value amount. And last but definitely not least.. I need models for all of my mini's (except the farm city days one). This means I'm offering 3 mini sessions, each session fee will be waived in exchange for permission to use the photos for advertising, and you will have the opportunity to purchase whatever images you want from the session. You just need to send me a private message telling me your interested. In the message I will need the following information: 1. Which session you are wanting to model for 2. Who will be in the photos and their relationship to you and ages 3. Why you are wanting the session

And that's it folks. I'll be posting ads once I get some models.


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