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Long time no post

As you all have noticed, I failed to complete my 365 day challenge. Hard. At the end of the year, I'll regret that I didn't get a picture of every day and I will say "this year I'm doing it" and maybe I will complete it, but probably not. This isn't some sad depressed statement just me being super realistic about who I am as a person. Besides, I've become very busy.

I haven't mentioned this on my business page but I'm resuming a chapter in my life. I'll be attending Wichita State University as a full time online student in the fall, and my goal is to graduate in the spring of 2020. I'll be getting my degree in Women's Studies with a minor in Psychology. This isn't going to be a super big help to my photography business but it is something I'm super passionate about and that goes hand in hand with my photography. I do hope that by going to school it will lead me to blogging more, and that my blogging will strengthen my writing for school so there is that.

Also, my plan is to have a booth at farm city days, and I'll post more about that once I've secured my spot but I think it's going to be really cool if I can pull it off. *fingers crossed*

Ok, what else is new? The Olson family now has a dog! His name is Shadow Loki Olson and he's adorable and I love him. There will be a lot of pictures of him I'm sure.

Also, I just did my first ever "Pay What You Can" sessions, and I think it turned out ok. I loved every person that showed up and I'm so glad I got to spend time with them and take cute pictures. Next time I will have a sign, and will probably advertise a little more heavily. We raised $155 for Humanity House!

I have also switched to a new gallery sharing site, and I'm slowly stepping away from my old one. As you can see on my website I now have two different options for client galleries. Eventually that will go back to being just one, but I've wanted people to continue having access to their images on the old gallery site for a while longer. With the new gallery site I will set the galleries to expire after a few months (I haven't decided on a definite timeframe), this means people will need to purchase images and or download them quickly. I won't have unlimited space like I did on my previous one, but this one allows so much more. The pictures upload 90x faster. On the other site a gallery of 50 images took 8 hours to upload, this one takes about 1 hour. All of the print purchases go through my print company that I love, and the galleries just look better in general.

One more note before I share a lot of pictures!

Beginning next year I will be raising the prices of my high resolution digital downloads and promoting the heck out of high quality prints from me. I'm going to be super honest with you, I definitely make more money off the digitals than I do prints, but I'd much rather have you print your photos through a company I trust will print the best quality. And its important to me that you do print them, and hang them up for people to see, and that you get the size of print that you need. These photos are frozen moments in time that will become family heirlooms. I want you to have these images last and I don't want you to have them hidden in a file on your computer. Albums are another great investment. I'll do a big long post about all of this later and why it's important and stuff, but for now just know I'm really gonna push you on prints, not because I make a lot of money off them, but because I want to make sure you have the best.

Also, I offer payment plans, and I'm super reasonable about it, so just talk to me. I'll hook you up.

Now photo dump time!

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