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Project 365 Week 1

So my first week of 2018 has been pretty rough. I've been incredibly sick for most of it, unable to eat anything and even got a fun visit to the hospital. The boys have been fighting colds too so it's just one thing after another.

I decided to do a project 365 and on track with normal Paige behavior, I screwed it up on day one. So I have a lovely cell phone picture of Griffin with his hair all staticy because it's soooo cold, and we have our heat cranked.

Day 2, I did better. Griffin sat at the table waiting for dinner and played with duplos. The light was awesome so I took some pictures.

Day 3, I was literally in bed all day long, here's a lovely selfie of me fairly sure I would die from the flu

Day 4, still sick and miserable, but Jim and Mat ran to me and told me that Firefox Feo was missing and that they had suspects in the case. I pulled myself out of bed and documented every single interrogation. I even successfully located Firefox, and went back to bed.

Day 5, I continue to be sick and miserable and see no end in sight. Papa Richard came over and helped me take care of the boys, and introduced them all to Baman and Piderman on Youtube.

Day 6, I feel like I might be a functioning human again. Jimmy was full of energy so while Fin and Mat slept, I let him run around outside to burn up some of that energy. It kind of worked.

And thats my first week. 51 more to go! Here's hoping I stick with it, and that I minimize cell phone pictures. The goal is to have my camera in my hand every single day.

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