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Project 365 Week 5

Week five might have been the longest week this year. My Jimmy turned 5 on Thursday! We partied on Saturday! Griffin and I are both sick again!

The sick thing is why this post is a day late. I could've taken pretty snow pictures today, but I spent most the day in bed dying. Maybe snow pictures when I'm done being sick, but by then the sicknes will have passed to my kids and then back to me. Here's hoping that March doesn't start off with everyone being sick too

1/28/18 Boys performed the three little pigs for me using sock puppets


Bath time for sweet baby Fin. He insists on having all of his PJ Masks lined up on the tub


I love that Jim and Mat love the book aisle at Walmart.


Griffin has learned to tell knock knock jokes an it's adorable. This is him laughing at his own joke


My baby turned 5! he asked to get his haircut for his birthday and I swear he aged 10 years.


Kid got a bunch of toys for his birthday and he has the most fun playing with a spray water bottle


We celebrated Jimmy's birthday and it was so much fun! he had a Robin Hood themed birthday party because of course he did. What 5 year old doesn't have an obscure dinsey movie from the 1970s as their favorite movie? He had friends from school and lots of other friends and family there to celebrate with him.

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