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My Misadventure in Bean Bag Filling

I bought a bean bag for posing newborns and it finally came in. I've had the bean bag filling for months and cockily I assumed I could fill this thing all by myself. I could not, and I did not get it filled by myself. Currently the entire bag of beans is shoved inside the bean bag. I still have another bag to dump in. The pieces were everywhere. I still have some on me, I'm sure.

To make this whole ordeal even better I did have an assistant on hand. My 18month old blonde baby. Was he helpful? No. Was he adorable? hell yes he was.

I've spent the entirety of my afternoon in my studio. My computer wouldn't work, I had 55 kagillion tiny white beans to pick up, my children have been the least helpful human beings in the entirety of forever.

I don't really have a lot to write about on the bean bag filling. It isn't filled. But I have a lot of pictures.

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