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Hi! I'm Paige

I was born and raised in southeast Kansas. The town I live in has barely 100 people, and I'm related to most of them. I'm a mama to 3 little boys and they are my world. I married my highschool sweetheart and he continues to be my favorite person.. I watch Parks and Recreation all the time, I eat too much ice cream and I love books. I have extreme wanderlust. I've always loved just driving around and getting lost. I love discovering places. 

I'm not much of a posey photographer, I love to document life. I want the running through fields, laughing at inside jokes, forehead touches. I love to photograph the in-betweens. The moments between the poses. Because that shows who a person really is. You never need to apologize for your children, because I'm snapping pictures the entire time they aren't standing still and smiling, and those are the pictures you'll love the most. 

I just want to capture your life. In this moment. In the in-betweens. 

Let's create a small timecapsule of your life. Right now. 


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